Local Energy Efficiency Funds

In a commitment to help foster an energy conscious public environment in the communities we live and work in, Idaho Power administers grants supporting energy efficiency and demand management within the communities we serve. We encourage customers in our Idaho service area to apply for funding for short-term projects and activities.


Eligible projects include those that demonstrate and/or research the direct kilowatt or kilowatt-hour savings not already included in energy efficiency programs at Idaho Power or the market at large where Idaho Power is currently already involved.

Projects for training, education or promotion that aren’t part of an existing program at Idaho Power or the market at large where Idaho Power is currently already involved are also eligible.


Receive financial support by demonstrating these criteria:

  • Be cost-effective for Idaho Power’s electrical system
  • Advance Idaho Power’s energy efficiency and demand management efforts
  • Use proven supporting technologies

Additional considerations for projects include:

  • The customer segment served
  • The geographic reach of the project
  • Is the project demonstrating new technology not yet emerging, new technology now emerging, or existing technology not yet emerging.

Apply for Funds

Apply by completing a Local Energy Efficiency Funds Application. Individual or organizational requests may not exceed $10,000. Requests are reviewed upon receipt and subject to approval by Idaho Power.

Funding for these grants comes from the Energy Efficiency Services Charge collected monthly from Idaho customers as approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.